Monday, October 31, 2016

Words of wisdom from Mr. William Watson (Treasurer, Christ Episcopal Church)

Our very own Mr. Bill Watson shared the following thoughts from this past Sunday that he prepared and sent to the Monroe paper:

Dear editor:

Was attending my weekly service at the Episcopal church today, and was thinking about missing the Homecoming celebration at my Alma Mater, Tulane, yesterday, and a lot of thoughts ran through my mind.  I began thinking of my attendance at church as a "reunion" with my Lord and Savior every week.
Families look forward to reunions a great deal, whether holidays or anniversary celebrations or whatever, and I doubt if they would even consider missing them.  It suddenly occurred to me that as Christian church membership and attendance is shrinking nationally, more and more are missing the opportunity to "visit" our Lord regularly.
So, I would urge everyone  who has maybe let their "visits" slip a little, to be conscious of how much the Lord probably misses you!!
William W Watson
St Joseph, Louisiana

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