Monday, November 27, 2017

Advent begins Sunday December 3rd!

Upcoming at Christ Episcopal Church:

Advent starts this Sunday, December 3rd.  Morning prayer will be offered at 10am.  Father Riley will return for services December 10th.  The outdoor crèche will be placed in front of our church with no figurines this Sunday.  Animals and people of The Story will be added each week through Advent with Baby Jesus arriving for Christmas.

In our church, on Sunday evening, December 17th at 3pm, the St. Joseph Orchestra will be holding a Chamber Christmas Concert.  Please join us for this beautiful welcoming of the season and invite your friends.

And Santa Claus (a follower of Jesus Christ) will be seen in St. Joseph at the Shepherd Center Christmas on December 9th, for a brief appearance with our friends a First United Methodist Church on December 10th and at our local Head Start on December 19th.  You better watch out....

Thoughts and quotes from our friends in Mississippi (from The Mississippi Episcopalian, November 2017):
"All Saints' Day is the feast day honoring our family members and our dear friends who have died, but who continue to live within our hearts as part of our lives.  We are in communion with all the company of heaven.  Our relationships don't die with those who are deceased.  Rocky relationships can be reconciled and loving relationships can be enhanced." (The Very Rev. Billie Abraham, St. Alban's, Bovina)

"Loving behavior is learned behavior.  To love another human being is a decision, not happenstance or coincidence.  We best learn to love other by practicing it:  at different times, places, and intervals." (The Rev. Carol Mead, St. Peter's by-the-Lake, Brandon)

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