Monday, February 5, 2018

Christ Episcopal Church annual meeting Sunday February 11, 2018

Please join us for Christ Episcopal Church’s 2018 annual meeting this Sunday, February 11 in the Whitaker Parish House.  Records indicate the Episcopal congregation started meeting in Tensas Parish around 1855.  Our church building, built in 1872, is 145 years old and we’re looking forward to continuing our work in the “God Movement” as Clarence Jordan and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry call our work.  Father Riley will lead Holy Eucharist at 10am and the annual meeting and covered dish dinner will follow the 10am service.  Please contact Mrs. Jane Barnett to see what covered dish offering may need to be added for our dinner.  We need everyone’s help in continuing our mission in Tensas Parish and we hold a special responsibility being the oldest church in St. Joseph. 
From the Forward Day by Day:

MONDAY, February 5

Psalm 77:1 I will cry aloud to God. I will cry aloud, and he will hear me.
I am alone, bound and broken by the memory of his assault. And I am not alone, one of millions of women and men who have been touched, torn, and betrayed—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Healing from this kind of wound comes in fits and starts, and just when I think I’m over it, a certain look sends me spiraling.
Maybe you have a wound too, so deep that it never quite scabs over. A rough patch jostles it loose, or just when things seem to be going great, it rises like bile that you can’t swallow back. In these moments, the Great Comforter is my comfort. I cry aloud, and God hears me.
I know God hears me because God has sent love into my life—my husband and children, my parents and sisters, my family and friends—and through this love, I am being made well.
I still cry. You might too. But I am not alone, and neither are you.
God is here, hearing us, loving us.
MOVING FORWARD: Reach out to someone who may be struggling with unseen or unnamed wounds today. Be the love God sends to those who are hurting.

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