Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Christ Episcopal: News you can use

 News You Can Use: 

...Pledge letters for 2019 have been mailed out.  If you have already responded--THANK YOU.  Please turn in your pledge for 2019 in time for Thanksgiving Sunday service, Nov 18th.  If you do not receive a pledge letter and wish to, please contact Mrs. Brenda Funderburg at bfun@me.com

 ...The Rev. Canon Gregg Riley will lead us in Holy Eucharist Sundays,  October 28th and in November: 4th, 11th; 18th.

...Daylight Savings Time ends November 4th--remember to your clocks back

...We will celebrate All Saints Day at the 10am service Nov 4th.   The form provided below will be in our bulletins this Sunday, Oct 28 so you can list the names of the loved ones to be remembered.  Please fill out the form and turn it in this Sunday, Oct 28th

...Ordination of seminarian Garrett Boyte (and others) to the transitional diaconate will be held at Saint James, Alexandria, Nov. 24th at 10am.
…ALSO:  The Fall Ingathering for the United Thank Offering will be Sunday, November 4, 2019.   The UTO offering is collected twice a year, in the fall and spring.  Funds marked for UTO are sent to the national UTO office to be used in worthy projects in the United States and abroad, such as schools, clinics, daycare centers, transportation needs, etc.  The UTO Board funded 34 grants, totaling $1,257,778.18for the year 2018.  “Kids Orchestra” an after school music program in Baton Rouge was awarded $48,000 in 2018.  Please make checks payable to DFMS (Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society).  Please place your checks made out to DFMS in our collection plate November 4th.  Thank you.

All Saints Day 
 Please submit the names of the loved ones you wish to be remembered this Sunday, Oct 28 and we will honor All Saints Day, Nov 4th.  The following form will be in our bulletins this Sunday for your use:

This revered feast lifts up prayer for the deceased.  We and they are one living family, united by faith.  We express thanks for their lives.  We pledge them our continuing love.  We voice our desire to be reunited with them.  We speak to God of our hopes for their eternal future.  We ask that the power of Jesus’ resurrection be fully realized in their lives.

Please print clearly the names of the loved ones to be remembered in the spaces below.


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